To Prestige or Not to Prestige

March 14, 2010

I’ve been sitting on Level 70, 2nd Prestige for quite a while now, and although I’ve had lots of fun finishing challenges for my guns, but quite frankly, it just go boring. In the previous 2 call of duty’s, I went to 10th prestige and 9th prestige (CoD4 and WaW respectively). Normally I would prestige the second I could, but in Modern Warfare 2, I have been reluctant to prestige because of the time it takes to get the weapons I like. Any who, I decided to prestige, and I recorded this rare moment and my first game as a 3rd Prestige, Level 1:

While it’s not an overly impressive game, I think it was pretty good.

So my question for you guys is: Do you think it’s worth the effort to prestige?