The Daily Debate: Perks – Tier 1

This is the first installment of my new “series”, if you want to call it that.

For this Daily Debate, I will be going over the Tier 1 Perks (aka Blue Perks). And without further ado:


Name: Marathon

Ability: Unlimited sprint.

To Unlock Pro: Sprint 26 miles while using Marathon.

Pro Ability: Climb obstacles quicker.

Summary: Marathon was a perk carried over from CoD4, and a perk used relatively often, although it was a Tier 3 (green) perk back in the CoD4 days. The only thing they changed about Marathon, besides from Tier 3 to Tier 1, was in CoD4 it only increased your sprint distance by a certain amount, where as in MW2 it gives you unlimited sprint. Because of this change, many more people are using the perk than those who used in in CoD4. There are other reasons that influence this change, such as the Lightweight perk in MW2 and the fact that Dead Silence was also a Tier 3 perk in CoD4, but the main reason for the larger number of users is because of the unlimited sprint. If Infinity Ward was going for a more realistic game, they failed with this perk, but from a gaming perspective, it really wasn’t a bad move. Unlimited sprint allows for the ability to get across the larger maps seen in MW2 in a shorter amount of time, cutting back on the amount of boring game play seen regularly while traversing the larger maps (unless you like running across maps looking for the enemy). Now onto the Pro Upgarde: climbing obstacles faster. This is a definite success in the Pro Upgrade category. I can’t count the number of times I have been killed while climbing over an obstacle, but with Marathon Pro, I don’t think I ever get caught on a ledge in the heat of a fire fight. The Pro Upgrade is what makes Marathon an above average perk in my opinion. You have to sprint 26 miles to unlock Marathon Pro. This isn’t overly difficult, but rather tedious, unless you like sprinting.

Rating: 6.5/10


Name: Sleight of Hand

Ability: Reload x2.0 faster.

To Unlock Pro: Get 120 kills with this perk.

Pro Ability: Aim Down Sights (ADS) x2.0 faster.

Summary: Sleight of Hand is the second of two Tier 1 perks to be brought back from Call of Duty 4. Having the ability to reload twice as fast as normal is extremely handy, but what makes Sleight of Hand stand out is it’s Pro Upgrade: the ability to Aim Down the Sights (ADS) twice as fast. What makes this perk stand out from the rest of the perks is the fact that any and every single weapon benefits from it. Pro or no Pro, every weapon becomes better with this perk, where as other perks benefit certain guns and don’t benefit others. For example, if you’re using an Assault Rifle, Sleight of Hand allows you to send rounds down range at a more rapid and consistent rate, even if you have to reload. Also, if you’re a sniper, the Pro Upgrade allows you to zoom in quicker, which can make all the difference in a close situation. Plus, many players who consider themselves “awesome” make montages of them doing quick scopes, which essentially requires the use of Sleight of Hand Pro. To unlock the Pro Upgrade, you will have to kill 120 people while using Sleight of Hand. This is probably one of the easiest Pro Upgrades to achieve, and Sleight of Hand VI is one of the first Perk challenges that I finish every prestige.

Rating: 8/10


Name: Scavenger

Ability: Replenish ammo from dead enemies.

To Unlock Pro: Resupply 100 times with this perk.

Pro Ability: Extra ammo.

Summary: Technically Scavenger is a new perk in the Call of Duty series, but the idea behind it isn’t new, more specifically, the Pro Upgrade (extra ammo) is the same as Bandoleer seen in Call of Duty 4. The whole pizzaz of this perk comes from the normal perk: the ability to resupply from dead bodies. This is extremely helpful in situations where you have a medium to long kill streak going, and you happen to run out of ammo. No worries, just walk over any dead body, and pick up the blue bag of awesomeness and you’re back in the fight [end sarcasm]. While I do think this is a good perk, it takes away from what little realism this game has. How is every single person in the game going to, by chance, be carrying a little blue bag that has all the ammo and supplies you need to resupply? Well, there’s no point in trying to change anything; it is what it is. As far as the game is concerned, this perk is extremely useful and good for longer lasting games, such as Domination, Head Quarters, etc. To unlock the Pro Upgrade, you have to resupply 100 times while using Scavenger. This is pretty easy because all you have to do is walk over dead bodies, and you can unlock the Pro Upgrade in as little as 4 or 5 matches if you’re trying hard enough.

Rating: 7.5/10


Name: Bling

Ability: 2 Primary weapon attachments.

To Unlock Pro: Get 200 kills with this perk.

Pro Ability: 2 Secondary weapon attachments.

Summary: I remember back in the day (roughly 2 years ago) when I was all about Call of Duty 4, and I would have conversations with other gamers about what should be added to the game to make CoD4 the greatest game ever. What came up multiple times was the ability to have 2 attachments. I think Infinity Ward got wind of this, and decided to add this into the game. On top of that, I think this is the most realistic perk in the game (except for the 2 attachments for the secondary weapon, because who even carries a secondary weapon any ways?), but I digress. Now that I have played MW2 and seen what it’s like to have 2 attachments on one weapon, I found out that it’s not nearly as over powered as I thought it would be. I was expecting every single person to use it to get the double attachments, but I find that it’s one of the least used Tier 1 perks (OMA being the other most least used perk). I guess people realized having to ability to resupply or to reload faster was better than have 2 attachments, and for that, I thank the Call of Duty community. I can’t imagine what the gaming experience would be like if everybody used Bling, but thankfully I don’t have to worry about that. As for the Pro Upgrade, all you have to do is manage 200 kills while using Bling, and that’s not extremely difficult by any means.

Rating: 6/10


Name: One Man Army

Ability: Switch classes at any time. Takes 6 seconds.

To Unlock Pro: Get 120 kills with this perk.

Pro Ability: Switch classes in 3 seconds.

Summary: Last, and certainly the least, is One Man Army (OMA). This is a completely new perk to the Call of Duty series. When I first began playing MW2 and finished my first time through the 70 levels, I asked a few of my friends what their normal setups were. I, having never used OMA at the time, was rather shocked and surprised to here that most of them liked to use OMA on a regular basis. After hearing this, I set out to see why they all chose this perk. At first I was a little upset that it took the place of your secondary weapon. For what it does, it’s really not worth getting rid of your secondary. The whole point of OMA is to be able to change to adverse conditions, such as an enemy Harrier or an enemy AC130, on the fly. That is basically the reason for the existence of this perk, and quite frankly, I think Infinity Ward could have done without it. Yeah, it is handy to be able to change classes at any time, but it feels like a waste a perk spot to me. To unlock the Pro Upgrade, you have to get 120 kills while using OMA. The thing that bothers me about unlocking the Pro Upgrade is that you don’t even have to use the perk ability AT ALL. This is the only perk that doesn’t require you to actually use it to get the upgraded version. On top of that, all the Pro version does it cut your class changing time from 6 seconds to 3 seconds. This wouldn’t be a good thing, except for the fact that while you’re changing classes, you literally can’t do ANYTHING except walk, run, crouch and lie down. You can’t even knife while changing classes, so if you happen to run into somebody in the middle of your make over, you can kiss that life good bye.

Rating: 5/10

Final Rankings and Thoughts

1) Sleight of Hand – Great with any gun and any situation. Allows for a more upbeat style of play, and is probably the most used Tier 1 perk.

2) Scavenger – Extremely useful with most guns, but kind of pointless with others. It’s a great perk for all game styles, from camping to run-n-gunning and every where in between.

3) Marathon – Marathon is really only useful on larger maps or for run-n-gun type players. Can be a waste of a perk in critical situations, but can also save your life in others.

4) Bling – A great idea, but not overly useful. Having 2 attachments isn’t as great as it was once thought to be.

5) One Man Army – OMA is a fun perk, and useful in some games, but overall isn’t a well respected perk and can hinder your game play.


One Response to The Daily Debate: Perks – Tier 1

  1. HcnarSivart says:

    Agreed on terms of Sleight of Hand. Although, I think Bling should be higher than Marathon. I find it used more than Marathon… at least the people I play against. Heh…

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