TDM on Highrise | 38-1 | Nuke

August 24, 2010

I haven’t uploaded anything in nearly a week, so I thought I would just upload a quick TDM game on Highrise where I got a nuke. Enjoy.


WTF Fail

August 18, 2010

If you just watched that and still don’t know what happened, let me break it down for you: I ran into a building and was killed by a non-existent predator missile. When you watch the Kill-Cam, you notice it just appears out of no where.

I’ve watched this video multiple times, and I still don’t know what to think. Just another glitched up part of Modern Warfare 2.

Update (8/12/2010)

August 12, 2010

Quick update:

I started a new “project” on this blog called “Guide to the Game”. What I’m going to do is post as many guides, tip and tricks for this game that I can, from weapon stats to strategies to map overlays. I’ve already started it a little with Assault Rifles and Sub-Machine Guns. So head on over, take a look, and let me know what you think.


Call of Duty Black Ops Trailer

August 9, 2010

This looks amazing. I can not wait for this to come out.

The Daily Debate: Perks – Tier 2

August 5, 2010

For this Daily Debate, I will be going over the Tier 2 Perks (aka Red Perks).


Name: Stopping Power

Ability: Bullet damage increased by 1.4x

To Unlock Pro: Get 250 kills with this perk.

Pro Ability: 1.4x Damage vs. vehicles.

Summary: Stopping Power is yet another perk brought back from Call of Duty 4. It is probably the single most used perk in the game. Back in the CoD4 days, if you didn’t use Stopping Power or Juggernaut, you really were at a disadvantage. Many people who played CoD4 still have that mentality where if you don’t use Stopping Power, you’re dead. That’s not true at all anymore. It is quite easy to use guns without Stopping Power and still be extremely effective.The thing about Stopping Power is that instead of needing 2 bursts from the Famas, you can drop people in 1 burst, or instead of needing half your clip to kill someone with the PP2000, you only need a quarter of your clip. If you’re an amazingly accurate person, you can do just fine without Stopping Power. Stopping Power helps those people get kills with one less bullet than usual when they’re spraying all over the place. The one downside to Stopping Power is it’s Pro Upgrade: 1.4x damage to vehicles. With the implementation of Stinger Missiles and Javelins, very few people actually shoot at air support with there weapons, where as in CoD4, that was truly the best way to take down choppers. If Stopping Power had a better Pro Upgrade, it would probably be the best perk in the game, but now it will remain some where in the top 5.

Rating: 7.5/10


Name: Lightweight

Ability: 110% Movement speed.

To Unlock Pro: Sprint 30 miles with this perk.

Pro Ability: Quick ADS after sprinting.

Summary: Light Weight is a new perk in the Call of Duty series. It allows you to run faster. Plain and simple. The thing about that though, is that if you’re not running, you’re not getting any benefit from it. You lose out on the extra bullet damage from Stopping Power, the ability to be hidden with Cold-Blooded, etc. On the other hand, Light Weight will allow you to get to Point A faster than the enemy, which may give you a tactical position over the enemy. So it does have it’s benefits. The one thing I notice about Light Weight is that less than 1% of MW2 players use it without Marathon, or in other words, over 99% use it only with Marathon. Now, that does make sense to some degree: why use Light Weight, which makes you run faster, if you’re not going to have Marathon as well, which lets you run forever? That is the reason it isn’t ranked higher in my ratings. It is essentially limited to when it can be used. Now, for the Pro Upgrade: the ability to Aim Down the Sights (ADS) faster after sprinting. This is an extremely useful upgrade. Just imagine all the times you got caught in the middle of a mid-day jog and died because you couldn’t aim quick enough. You could probably turn around anywhere from 25%-50% of those had you had Light Weight Pro.

Rating: 7/10


Name: Hardline

Ability: Kill streaks require 1 less kill.

To Unlock Pro: Get 40 kill streaks with this perk.

Pro Ability: Death streaks require 1 less kill.

Summary: Hardline is another ┬ánew perk in the Call of Duty saga, and when I first saw it, I thought it was a great idea. Being able to achieve your kill streaks 1 kill before you normally would is great. How many times have you been sitting at 6 kills, waiting to get your harrier, and then you get noob tubed? or killed at all? It’s a terrible feeling knowing you were 1 kill away from a kill streak, especially once you start getting into the higher kill streaks, like Pavelows and Chopper Gunners. This is even better if you aren’t dependent upon Stopping Power to get all your kills. Also, if you like using UAV’s and low value kill streaks, it is that much easier to achieve them. The Pro Upgrade allows you to get your Death Streaks in 1 less kill. While this isn’t an overly amazing upgrade, it can help you if you’re struggling a little bit.

Rating: 6.5/10


Name: Cold-Blooded

Ability: Undetectable by UAV, Air Support, Sentries and Thermal Scopes.

To Unlock Pro: Destroy 40 enemy kill streaks while using this perk.

Pro Ability: No red cross hair or name when targeted.

Summary: Once again, Infinity Ward brought back a classic Call of Duty perk. Unlock some perks they’ve brought back, Cold-Blooded has been fixed to fit into the new MW2 system much better than the others. Such things as not being detected by Thermal scopes, not being seen by Air Support, and not being shot at by sentry guns. I don’t remember correctly, but I do believe in CoD 4 that UAV Jammer only protected you from enemy UAV’s, not from enemy Choppers (correct me if I’m wrong). Also, I believe Cold-Blooded is the second most used Tier 2 perk behind Stopping Power. What makes Cold-Blooded better than Stopping Power is Cold-Blooded’s Pro Upgrade: whenever an enemy targets you, they don’t get the normal red cross hairs, and your name doesn’t appear. When I first found this out, I was kind of skeptical about how useful it would be. I mean, if someone sees you move, it won’t matter if they see your name or not. But after using it for a while, I found it’s not to save you when you’re moving, but to save you when you’re remaining still. This has become one of my favorite perks, and definitely one of the best in the game.

Rating: 8.5/10


Name: Danger Close

Ability: Explosive damage increased by 1.4x

To Unlock Pro: Get 100 kills with explosives while using this perk.

Pro Ability: Air support does 1.4x damage.

Summary: This is the Stopping Power of explosives. This was a perk previously seen in CoD4 and World at War. It has never been a very popular or overly used perk because you really don’t need extra explosive damage. On the other hand, there are way more weapons to use that would benefit from Danger Close in MW2. All the Launchers benefit, and then there’s the usual n00b tubes, claymores, grenades and C4. So while it may not be the most popular perk, it certainly has a market. Say you wanted to run around and RPG the entire game. You’d probably want to have on Danger Close rather than anything else. Now, as for the Pro Upgrade, it’s definitely a major bonus: air support does 1.4x damage. That is one amazing perk. This can make your harries go from 3-4 kills to 5-6, or your chopper gunner from 3-4 hits for a kill to 2-3 hits for a kill. This is an all around deadly perk to have when using certain kill streaks.

Rating: 6/10

Final Rankings and Thoughts

1) Cold-Blooded – One of the most useful perks in the game. Allows you to be a more versatile player, and protects you from over-abundant kill streaks.

2) Stopping Power – Classic Call of Duty perk. Extra damage is always a bonus, but the Pro Upgrade is rather disappointing.

3) Light Weight – Usually only used for knifing classes, and rarely ever used without Marathon, which makes it hard to take it in a serious manner.

4) Hardline – Maybe not the best perk ever, but it was definitely needed in this game, and can be useful in many game modes.

5) Danger Close – Not really a game changing perk. Definitely good for it’s pro upgrade, but otherwise not overly useful.

Class of the Week: Week #6

August 4, 2010

Well I have finally finished another Custom Class. This is actually week number 20 or something, but that’s besides the point.

Name: Silent but Deadly

Primary Weapon: Scar-H w/ Silencer and Extended Mags

Secondary Weapon: M1014 w/ Silencer and Extended Mags

Equipment: Semtex

Special Grenade: 2x Stun Grenade

Perk 1: Bling Pro

Perk 2: Stopping Power Pro

Perk 3: Sitrep Pro

Death Streak: Final Stand


The Scar-H is probably one of the best Assault Rifles in the game. It has one of the best, if not the best, iron sights in the game, which is why I have no need for any other type of sight for this class. The one downside is the extremely small magazine size (20 rounds). That is why I chose to use the Extended Mags attachment. Because of this, I then had to use Bling to get the silencer, where as if you use any other Assault Rifle, you wouldn’t need the Extended Mags. However, I have found that the Scar-H is even more deadly with a larger magazine size due to the fact that you don’t have to reload in the middle of a fire fight. I then added the Silencer because (a) you don’t need any sight other than the iron sights, and (b) the silencer allows you to remain off the radar whenever you fire, which can give you the element of surprise in many situations. On top of that, the Scar-H is deadly at any range, from close to medium to long.

Now, while the Scar-H is good at any range, I feel like it’s weakest range is close range. That is why I chose to use a shotgun, and I chose the M1014. Although I did say to use Extended Mags as one of the attachments, you’ll notice in the video that I don’t have that on. This is due to the fact that I haven’t unlocked it yet, but I would use it with this class if I had. Any who, I chose the M1014 because it’s a semi-automatic shotgun, so you don’t have to pump after each shot (like the Spas and the Models). Also, I feel like the M1014 is the best out of the rest of the shotguns when having a silencer attached. I chose the silencer to continue along the lines of anti-radar detection. Plus, while the silencer will decrease the range of the M1014, using Stopping Power will bring the range back up, so you don’t really lose anything because of the silencer. As for using Extended Mags, in theory it would allow you to take on multiple enemies at once, which would normally be difficult to do with the M1014’s small clip size (4 rounds).

Perk 1: Bling (Pro). Bling lets you use 2 attachments on your primary weapon (and the Pro upgrade lets you use 2 attachments on your secondary weapon). This is extremely important for the Scar-H because I want the ability to have a normal attachment, i.e. the silencer, but I also want the same clip size as all the other Assault Rifles. Thus, Bling is the perfect perk. Other perks I would use with the Scar-H are Sleight of Hand and Scavenger.

Perk 2: Stopping Power (Pro). Stopping Power is very important for this class because both weapons used have silencers, which decrease the max effective range of the weapons. Stopping Power increases their range. The Pro upgrade allows you to do more damage to air support, but this isn’t needed for this class because you won’t really be taking down any air support.

Perk 3: Sitrep (Pro). This is the bread and butter of this class. I have never unlocked Sitrep Pro before, and now that I have, I don’t think I’ll be prestiging any time soon. Normal Sitrep allows you to see enemy equipment, i.e. claymores, C4, tac-inserts, and grenades, through any surface. This is extremely helpful when assaulting a position or detecting where the enemy is hiding. The Pro upgrade increases the sound of enemy foot steps. This is also very helpful when you’re holding down a position, and you have the ability to hear where the enemy is coming from when you normally couldn’t hear them. This is probably the best combination of Normal and Pro perks in the game.

How to Play: You can use this class as an assault class or as a defensive class. Try to avoid the middle of the map, and pick off enemies from afar with the Scar-H. Only use the M1014 when you need to because the range leaves a lot to be desired. Use your semtex and/or stun grenades to take out enemy equipment if you can’t shoot it through a wall.

Suggested Game Modes: TDM, Headquarters, Domination, CTF, Demolition, Sabotage, FFA, SnD.


If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, feel free to leave a comment. Thank You.

Unusual Game Winning Kill Cam

August 3, 2010

People like getting double and triple kills in their Game Winning Kill Cam; it makes them feel superior to their opponents. But I put a little twist onto that concept with this Game Winning Kill Cam: I killed the same guy TWICE in this kill cam: