CoD4 vs MW2

While on vacation last week I played a lot of CoD4 on my buddies xbox, and I started to wonder why I even play MW2. But then I arrived home yesterday, and I can’t seem to put MW2. So I decided to make a list and compare CoD4 vs. MW2. Here are my opinions:

Why CoD4 Got it Right:

  • First off, it’s original, or rather it was the first game of it’s kind. It was the first game with perks, one of the first with attachments for weapons, and definitely the first to have weapon challenges, let alone challenges in general.
  • It was the first game to have the type of level up system that it has (ie prestiges).
  • It was also one of the first games to have the ability for custom classes.
  • Amazing graphics for a game that came out at the time it did.
  • A great Single Player campaign.
  • Excellent map design and fluid game play.
  • It was the first game to include kill streaks.
  • It had a very balanced weapon and perk system.

Where CoD4 Failed:

  • No host migration. If the host quit, the game was over.
  • Poor playlist planning. Too much team killing in Hard Core modes, too much boosting in Cage Match, and too much lameness in Old School Free For All.
  • Some glitches with certain maps, but in general, not a huge problem.
  • Bad spawn system.

Why MW2 Got it Right:

  • Upgradeable perks.
  • Host Migration.
  • Final Kill Cam.
  • Additional Camouflage challenges.
  • Hugely upgraded graphics.
  • Higher customization with Title’s / Emblem’s.
  • Wider variety of kill streaks.
  • More attachments to unlock.

Where MW2 Failed:

  • Boosting, boosting and more boosting. People ¬†boosting for 10th prestige, people doing challenge boosting, people boosting for nukes, and people doing weapon boosting. This defeats the whole excitement and challenge of the game.
  • Terrible perk system. Marathon and Lightweight? One Man Army and Grenade Launchers? Commando?
  • Shotguns and Machine Pistol’s as secondaries. They should both be primary weapons.
  • Broken spawn system.
  • No big improvement from CoD4.

So after reviewing what I’ve said, I have decided that CoD4 is a better game than MW2. It’s too bad less than 15,000 people play at one time anymore. As stated before, these are solely my opinion. If you have anything add or anything you think should be off the list, just leave a comment.


2 Responses to CoD4 vs MW2

  1. Leese says:

    You’re right on with your comparison.. much more of a fan of COD4 then MW2 (except right now I’m all into World At War because my COD4 disc doesn’t work right and won’t let the game settings download for online play).. but I love the killcam.. emblems.. etc.

    I also like that the maps are more interactive on MW2 (breaking windows for example)

    And I hate.. hate.. hate.. HATE laggers!!

    I don’t know if you experience laggers in Xbox but the PS3 idiots really make it suck for people who just want to have a challenging.. honest.. match.

    • It’s too bad you don’t have a 360, or we could get some WaW gaming in. I love occasionally going back to WaW and owning them n00bs.

      As for MW2, I hate all the boosters mainly. Just ruins the game.

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