Random Pic of the Day [#1]

Well since I have decided to sell my capture card, I no longer have a way to record my game play right now, so I have been taking pictures of the end-game scoreboard of random games where I or my team has done above average. This isn’t really a big thing nor should it last too long (hopefully just a week or so until I buy a different capture card), but rather I’m just trying to keep some updates going on the blog. And without further ado, my first Pic of the Day:

Title: Literal Domination

Literal Domination
“What it truly means to dominate”

And if you didn’t understand that picture, look at the score in the top right corner. Yep. Domination. I don’t think I’ve ever won a domination game by that much. P.S. Click to enlarge.

On another note, this blog recently hit 3000 hits. I can’t even begin to explain how awesome that truly is. While I don’t post much, especially recently, I do check multiple times a day to see how things are going, and I notice that even with the lack of posts, I still am receiving a decent amount of views every day. And that couldn’t be done without those of you who visit my blog. Thank you.



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