Update (4/24/2010)

Just another little update. Well actually it’s kind of big, but whatever.

  • I have somewhat fixed my Capture Card. It’s not completely 100% ready to go, but it works, and that’s all that matters now. That means I can now start recording and uploading new videos.
  • I uploaded Class of the Week: Week #5 Video, so go here and check it out.
  • I got my | HERO | Montage Trailer to work on Youtube, so I have re-updated the Video’s page with the correct link for the video. Because I got it to work, I will no longer be posting any videos on Livevideo.
  • I just purchased PowerDirector, which is a much better video editing software than Windows Movie Maker. I’m still messing around with it a bit right now, so don’t expect anything big soon, but do expect much higher quality videos in the future.

Happy gaming.



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