MW2 Ultimate Utility: iPhone app

I was randomly searching through the Iphone App Store the other day, and came across a bunch of MW2 Strategy / Guide apps. I looked through a few of them, and most of them didn’t seem worth the .99-4.99 because they all mainly just told you how to get all the Titles and Emblems. But then I came across MW2 Ultimate Utility. Here are a list of all the features that I have seen:

  • K/D calculator that tells you what size kill streak you need to get a +.01 K/D, a +0.10 K/D, and a +1.00 K/D.
  • Information about EVERY primary weapon, including: Level unlocked, damage (close/far), Rate of Fire, and Damage per Second.
  • Information on all perks, including: Ability description, Pro Ability description, and how to unlock the Pro upgrade.
  • Information on all the Kill Streaks, including: required number of kills, Duration, Health, and a Description (plus crate percentages for Care Packages and Emergency Air Drops).
  • Also included: Map overviews with Spawn locations, How to achieve all titles and emblems, information on the secondary weapons, and the new stimulus maps.
  • Price: $3.99

While it is a little expensive for an app with information you can find for free on the internet, it does come in handy to have if you’re not next to your computer or you need it on the fly. Plus, it is extremely well organized and easy to use. Also, here’s something I’ve learned since using the App: (1)The TAR deals the most damage per second versus any other assault rifle. (2) You can hold down Right Trigger while controlling the Predator Missile to make it fly faster.

Final Evaluation: A+


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