Class of the Week: Week #5

Name: Hidden Sniper

Primary Weapon: Barrett .50 Cal w/ FMJ and Heartbeat Sensor

Secondary Weapon: PP2000 w/ Silencer and Extended Mags

Equipment: Claymore

Special Grenade: 2x Stun Grenade

Perk 1: Bling

Perk 2: Cold Blooded

Perk 3: Ninja

Death Streak: Pain Killer

Overview: It’s been a while since my last Custom Class, but I have finally put together another one. This one was based off of the Default Sniper Class (Recon Sniper), but with a couple changes.

I chose the Barrett .50 Cal because I feel like it gets the most 1 hit kills (including FMJ) without Stopping Power. Both the M21 EBR and the WA2000 are weaker, and the Intervention is a Bolt Action. That means the Barrett .50 Cal can get 2 hits in before the Intervention, but which has the same Damage amount, but can deal more 1 hit kills than both the M21 EBR and the WA2000. I use FMJ because the extra bullet damage is key to long range 1 hit kills, and I chose the Heartbeat sensor because I’ve noticed in pub matches that not a lot of people use Ninja (except in SnD). That means you will be able to tell when enemies are approaching you, and you can pull out your secondary to take them out. Otherwise you can drop them from far away with the Barrett.

Next comes the PP2000. I chose this because I have found it to be the best fully automatic machine pistol. The Raffica is a great weapon, but I personally feel like in the situations where you will actually need your secondary, I’d rather have the fully automatic capabilities of the PP2000. As for the G18 or the TMP, the TMP has too small of a clip to begin with, and the G18’s are too weak at longer distances.

Perk 1: Bling (Pro). Bling lets you use 2 attachments on your primary weapon (and the Pro upgrade lets you use 2 attachments on your secondary weapon). Now typically, about 97% of the people who use sniper rifles use Sleight of Hand Pro for the faster ADS (Aim Down Sights), but in all reality, you don’t need that split second advantage when you use this class because you won’t be doing any quick scoping. Thus I really see no need in using Sleight of Hand, and having the Heartbeat sensor PLUS FMJ is a huge bonus. And you don’t really need the Pro upgrade with Bling where as there’s no point in using the non-Pro Sleight of Hand with a sniper class.

Perk 2: Cold Blooded (Pro). I chose Cold Blooded for my sniper class because I feel like the bonuses from this perk out weigh the bonus of having Stopping Power. I would have to say a vast majority of the people who snipe use Stopping Power because they feel insecure without it. This is where you can determine a “real” sniper versus a wannabe sniper. People who can play well without Stopping Power are, in my opinion, better players. Any who, I digress. Cold Blooded prevents you from being seen my enemy UAV, Thermal, and enemy Air Support. This means those random Harrier’s and Predator Missiles won’t know where you are, which means you won’t have to move from your amazing sniping spot when they are called in. On top of that, the Pro upgrade stops your name from showing up red on the enemies HUD when they hover over you. While this isn’t a huge advantage, but I can’t count the number of times I was sitting somewhere, and a random enemy happens to walk by and randomly scans over me and my name pops up, giving my position away. The only downside to Cold Blooded Pro is actually achieving it. You have destroy 40 enemy air support while using Cold Blooded to complete the challenge. That isn’t overly difficult, but it’s a little more time consuming than most of the other perks.

Perk 3: Ninja (Pro). As usual, I chose Ninja Pro to go along with the stealthy style of this class. Not being able to be seen by Heartbeat sensors means people won’t know where you’re hiding, and having dead silence will let you sneak up on people who wonder past you. There’s nothing really else to say about that.

How to Play: Try and stay to the rear of your team. Position yourself where you have a large view of an area. Don’t stay in one place too long, there will be revenge killers after a while. Use your single Claymore as best as you can, it could save your life.

Suggested Game Modes: TDM, Headquarters, Domination, CTF, Demolition, Sabotage.



  • Good for building up medium sized kill streaks
  • Great support sniper class
  • Strong even without stopping power


  • Low ammo supply. Use sparingly.
  • Poor performance on small maps.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, feel free to leave a comment. Thank You.

6 Responses to Class of the Week: Week #5

  1. HcnarSivart says:

    I like my WA2000. I use thermal on it also.

  2. HcnarSivart says:

    I changed my mind. Now I use the M21 EBR.

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