Class of the Week: Week #3

Name: Hardliner

Primary Weapon: M16 w/ Silencer

Secondary Weapon: Thumper

Equipment: Claymore

Special Grenade: 2x Stun Grenade

Perk 1: Scavenger Pro

Perk 2: Hardline Pro

Perk 3: Ninja Pro

Death Streak: Pain Killer

Overview: I’m going to jump straight into my overview (as in no introduction.. heh).

The M16 wasn’t necessarily my first choice for my primary, but I didn’t really feel like using the Tar-21 or Scar-H, and the M16 is one the the better long range weapons without stopping power because of it’s 3 round burst versus the fully automatic seen in the rest of the Assault Rifles (excluding the Famas). That being said, the M16 can still kill in 1 burst without the aid from stopping power, which is critical when going against enemies who do use stopping power. The only problem is, is the silencer reduces the range on which the M16 can do it’s max damage. Most people think the silencers reduce the damage, but they don’t, they reduce the range at which you can dish out your max damage, which gives the appearance as though it reduces the damage. Any who, the reason I chose the silencer over any other attachment is simply for the fact that it keeps you off the radar when you shoot. I almost always prefer the Red Dot Sight over any other attachment, but the silencer is my second favorite, especially on the M16, which has very good iron sights.

Next is the Thumper. The whole point of having the Thumper is to essentially have the Grenade Launcher without using Bling on the M16. The main difference between the Thumper and the Grenade Launchers is that you have to look down the sight before you fire with the Thumper, opposed to simply firing the Grenade Launcher. This is a minor handicap that will sometimes get you into trouble when fighting in close quarters (which is NOT advised with this class). On the flip side, the Thumper gives you the capability to take down enemies at any range when you can’t hit them with your M16. This is extremely useful in objective based games, such as CTF, Demolition, or Domination.

Perk 1: Scavenger Pro. I first created this class using Sleight of Hand Pro to be able to reload quicker. I soon realized that this class was not meant to be in close quarter combat, and the need to reload fast wasn’t really a need at all. Plus, having a minimal ammo supply and only 2 rounds for the Thumper really limited the possibilities of getting high kill streaks. That is why I changed to Scavenger Pro, which not only lets you resupply whenever you travel over a blue bag from a dead body, but also gives you 2 extra magazines of ammo for your primary weapon, thanks to the Pro upgrade. Now you don’t have to really worry about picking up someone else’s weapon laying on the ground, and you can be more self sufficient. This is helpful simply because you don’t have to worry about searching for a new weapon, and instead you can pay attention to what’s in front of you.

Perk 2: Hardline Pro. This is the meat and potatoes of this class. Hardline allows you to achieve your kill streaks 1 kill prior to when you normally would receive it. So if you’re going for a Harrier, you will only need 6 kills rather than 7. While this isn’t that big of a difference maker, just think about ALL the times you’ve been 1 kill away from any kill streak, and then you died. It’s a pretty bad feeling, trust me. This allows you to run virtually any kill streak setup, and still be able to achieve all of them on a regular basis (unless you’re running 11/15/25 or something). The Pro upgrade isn’t anything spectacular to talk about; it simply allows you to achieve your death streaks 1 death sooner than you normally would… awesome!

Perk 3: Ninja Pro. Kill cams with Heartbeat Sensors = Broken Controllers. Enough said.

How to Play: This is a new section of my Class of the Week that I added to kind of let you know how I play with this class. I know everybody has a different play style, but this is what I found works best with this class:

Try and stick back a little from the front lines of the battles. You’re going to lose 80% of the up close and personal fire fights you get into, so try to avoid those as much as possible. Flanking along the edges of the map is a good strategy with this class. Don’t be afraid to let loose on your Thumper rounds; most people, if damaged by these will try and hide, which will either give you time to load another round and fire again, or to flank and kill them from a different angle, or even to run away yourself. Try to avoid chasing after injured enemies; it’s easy for them to turn around a corner and prepare an ambush for your arrival. Lastly, use the Claymores to your advantage; place them in high traffic areas to pick up another kill or two.

Suggested Game Modes: Domination, Demolition, CFT, TDM.



  • Good for getting quick kill streaks
  • Good mid-long range class
  • Strong even without stopping power


  • Poor performance in close quarter combat
  • Weak against multiple enemies

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, feel free to leave a comment. Thank You.


8 Responses to Class of the Week: Week #3

  1. […] I wasn’t overly pleased with how the previous Hardliner class turned out, so I messed around a bit with it, and came up with a different setup. Without further […]

  2. Leon says:

    M16 noooob. Joking it pwns really 😛

  3. HcnarSivart says:

    I like the TAR better, but the M16 is also pretty beast.

  4. HcnarSivart says:

    Just got the F2000. It kicks the TAR’s butt.

  5. Yeah, but the F2000 has ridiculous recoil and poor iron sights, where the TAR has probably the best iron sights and decent recoil. But I do think the F2000 is underrated.

  6. HcnarSivart says:

    I was bored today so I used your class(but I put Heartbeat instead) Whoa! It was beast. I still prefer the F2000, but that M16 class was downright impressive. I watched a video and you are a dang good player.

  7. HcnarSivart says:

    About the F2000 thing to, it has decent power and a great rate of fire, and I put holographic sights on to make up for poor iron sights.

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