Class of the Week: Week #1

Name: I ❤ Nub Tube

Primary Weapon: Scar-H w/ Grenade Launcher

Secondary Weapon: None

Equipment: Claymore

Special Grenade: 2x Stun Grenade

Perk 1: One Man Army Pro

Perk 2: Danger Close Pro

Perk 3: Ninja Pro

Death Streak: Pain Killer

Overview: Alright, to begin the overview, I wanted to start with the primary weapon and attachment for it. The assault rifles are the only type of weapons that can use the M203 Grenade Launcher, thus I had a limited choice of weapons to use with this class. I chose the Scar-H for a number of reasons: (1) In my opinion, it is the strongest AR bullet-for-bullet, even without using Stopping Power; (2) The iron sights on the Scar-H are probably the best iron sights of any of the AR’s; (3) It’s good for long range ‘sniping’ as well as close quarter combat; (4) Lastly, the grenade launcher is a great attachment that can defend or attack an objective and easily destroy the enemy team. The main problem with the Scar-H is it’s small clip size, but I have a quick and easy solution for that:

One Man Army Pro (OMA). OMA lets you change classes any time while in combat. This takes about 5 seconds and leaves you completely vulnerable. You can’t switch to your main weapon, knife or use equipment while using OMA. That’s where OMA Pro comes into play. OMA Pro cuts down the time it takes to switch classes in half, from 5 seconds to roughly 2 1/2 seconds. This comes in handy when in a fire fight and you need ‘quick’ ammo. The point in using OMA Pro is that you can switch to the same class (ironic huh?) over and over again, and basically start with a full combat load that you would normally start with when respawning. I chose this over Scavenger Pro because that requires you to go out and find a dead body, where as OMA Pro allows you to resupply any where and any time. Note: OMA also takes up your secondary weapon spot.

Next is Danger Close Pro. Danger Close increase ALL explosive weapon damage, whether it be grenades, claymores, C4 , grenade launchers or rocket launchers. This is the entire reason for using grenade launchers on the Scar-H. Those grenades will do about 50% more damage than normal. The best part about Danger Close is it’s Pro upgrade: Air support does more damage. So now whenever you get your Harrier or Pavelow, or whatever it may be, you can rely on them to get you the much needed kills to get that next Kill Streak. This is especially good for AC 130’s, which normally takes anywhere from 2-3 automatic 45mm rounds and the 1- 105mm shot, but can now take them down easily in 1-2 45mm rounds shots and the 105mm shot has a bigger explosion. This helps prevent the enemy from shooting down your air support, and helps your team win.

Lastly is the Green Perk: Ninja Pro. The main reason I use this is for the silent footsteps, which is the Pro upgrade. I hate hearing myself walk. Ninja by itself prevents the enemy from spotting you with the Heart Beat Sensor, which is one of the most disheartening ways to die. I can’t count the number of times I’ve seen people rely 110% on their heart beat sensor, when all it takes is a little ninja to kill you.

That’s about it for the main class. I don’t really need to say much about the Death Streak…but I find that I get most frustrated when I get spawn killed over and over again, so that’s why I use Pain Killer, which gives you about 3x the normal health you would have. Also, my preferred Kill Streak setup is: Harrier, Chopper Gunner, Nuke. I feel like this is one of the best classes for getting a nuke, but if you’re not into nuking people, it’s really easy to get 5 kills to receive a Predator Missile, so you could go with: Predator Missile, Harrier, Chopper Gunner.

Suggested Game Modes: TDM, Domination, Demolition, CFT, Sabotage, and Free For All.


Sorry about the ending of the video. The host quit and it disconnected us.


  • Great for long kill streaks
  • Useful in almost every game mode
  • Good for any level of skill
  • Doesn’t require high level to attain


  • You WILL be called a noob

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, feel free to leave a comment. Thank You.

6 Responses to Class of the Week: Week #1

  1. Leon says:

    Cool site, I have a cod classes site too.

  2. Chuck says:

    My favorite class as well. You were one away from a nuke in the video…sweet. I have yet to get one of those. I hope to not run into you online. You have some mad skills.

  3. HcnarSivart says:

    Try out your nube toob with scavenger. You just keep getting grenades and keep pissing off the other team! The funny thing is, our noobish classes our pretty similar.

  4. HcnarSivart says:

    Aww, I just realized that you have an Xbox. Crap! I have a PS3 now we cant have a 1v1 match or something.

  5. HcnarSivart says:

    I tried my noob tube with one man army instead of scavenger. I was wrong. One man is better.

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