Blog is Now Up!

February 22, 2010: A date that will live in infamy! Well maybe not infamy, but today is the first day that MW2 Unique Classes will be online. This is a little project of mine to try and help other MW2 gamers expand their views on certain weapons/ perks/ equipment/ etc.

What I will be doing is each week (usually on the weekends), I will post a “Class of the Week”, where I will post a unique class that I’ve come up with and go into great detail about each part of the class, from the primary weapon’s attachments to the death perk, and every thing in between. I will also try and post a short clip, probably 3-5 minutes, of game play using that specific class to show it’s strengths and weaknesses.

Along with my “Class of the Week”, I will also sporadicly upload posts about specific weapons, maps, game modes, perks, etc. Here I will go into great detail on that specific thing and on that specific thing only. Usually these will show up randomly during the week when I have a little off time from work. Here I will include challenges, stats, sniping locations, or whatever.

I should be able to get my first Custom Class up later today or early tomorrow. Please be sure to check back soon to see if I’ve updated the site.

Have any suggestions or questions? Leave a comment!

2 Responses to Blog is Now Up!

  1. Jack says:

    i dont like hardline at all, i think it is the worst possible 2nd perk. and it angers me to see people using it on a ACR class:/my fav class for getting nukes: Primary: Tar21 w/silencer secondery: PP2000 w/silencer equipment: semtex stun x2 Scavenger Pro Stopping power Pro Ninja Pro

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